Hi, I'm Yiren, a 3D artist from China who now lives and works in Toronto. My work has been featured in publications such as Walrus Magazine, RBC Amplify, and Strong Mind Strong Kids - Psychology Canada.

My passion for art brought me to Toronto in 2018 to study illustration. Since then, I have been exploring new ways to express myself. During my fourth year of study, I began experimenting with 3D software and immediately fell in love with its possibilities. I enjoy working with soft, low-saturation colors and textures, and I find that 3D software is an excellent tool for bringing those elements to life. I'm always searching for new techniques and software to enhance my work and help me create even more exciting 3D worlds.

I constantly challenge myself to push the boundaries of what I can achieve with 3D art, and I'm excited to see where this artistic journey takes me next.

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